Futpool America courts are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. with a patent‐pending design by an expert craftsman who spent many years as a propmaker building sets in the movie industry.

After countless events and many hours of gameplay we gained a unique insight into the game of Futpool from the player, buyer, and builder perspective. Our design team focused on usability, durability, and most importantly quality…from the craftsmanship to the materials.

Our pocket system, although it is more labor‐intensive to build than other courts, allows us to deliver a superior product to our customer.

Why Futpool America Courts

–Our courts allow the ball to roll under the module and be stored inside the table. No more clutter and obstruction of game play.
–Our design allows you to install/breakdown without using tools. The setup time is approx. 15 minutes.
–Our courts are made with premium materials to withstand indoor/outdoor installation
–Our courts are made in America
–Our courts use a clip and lock system which allows set up even if the surface is not completely flat.
–Our courts come in 2 Standard Sizes:
Professional Elite (12ft x 22ft)
8ft modules, 2ft corner pockets and 2ft middle pockets
Professional Standard ( 10ft x 18ft )
6ft modules, 2ft corner pockets and 2ft middle pockets


Custom Futpool Balls

Our futpool balls are custom made just for futpool. They are made to have minimal bounce, roll straight and deter the ball from flying off the table. We offer a stock Futpool America ball set included with your purchase of a court OR eye‐catching branded balls for an additional cost.

Futpool Surface

We recommend the use of turf or carpet depending on the setup and installation of your court. We will help you decide what is needed for your setup and will work with our vendors to make sure you receive the setup you want.


Our courts generally take about 2-3 weeks to produce. If you need something sooner let us know as we may be able to accommodate with use of our back stock. All Footpool America courts are crated for delivery and shipped via trucking service (approx. 7-10 days for most shipments)


Email us for any quotes, questions, or inquiries.
We want every table to meet your needs and built the way you want it.